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White Coats for Black Lives Holds Annual Die-In to Emphasize Need for Action in Addressing Racism

The wind kicked up as soon as everyone “died,” cold and fierce around the dozens of students, faculty members, and staff members lying on the concrete and browning grass.

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date October 27, 2021
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Climate Fellow Working to Support Physicians in Becoming Climate Advocates

It began with a three-week plastic-free challenge that changed the course of Bhargavi Chekuri’s medical career path. The challenge was to go three weeks without the ease and convenience of plastic bags, plastic wrapping, and all the other plastics that make their way into daily life. 

Author Rachel Sauer | Publish Date September 23, 2021
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Should primary patellofemoral dislocations be treated surgically?

news outletHealio
Publish DateJune 23, 2022

Traditionally, primary patellofemoral dislocations (first-time patellar dislocations) have been treated conservatively. It is still considered the standard of care. 

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Kaiser Health News

Trump’s Legacy Looms Large as Colorado Aims to Close the Hispanic Insurance Gap

news outletKaiser Health News
Publish DateJune 23, 2022

Armando Peniche Rosales has a crooked toe that for years has predicted the weather, growing sensitive when rain or cold is coming.

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American Medical Association

Lotte Dyrbye, MD, on physician mistreatment by patients, families and visitors

news outletAmerican Medical Association
Publish DateJune 23, 2022

In today’s episode of Moving Medicine, AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger discusses the mistreatment and harassment of physicians and its effect on physician well-being with Lotte Dyrbye, MD, senior associate dean of faculty and chief well-being officer at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver.

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Popular Science

Best hearing aids under $100

news outletPopular Science
Publish DateJune 22, 2022

Virtually all hearing aids cost $1,000 or more, which makes finding the best hearing aids under $100 prohibitively challenging.

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