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Chanthy Na

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Exploring the World Leads to Medicine

Gavi Roda’s journey to medicine was seeded at a young age but didn’t fully blossom until her teenage years. As a child, she traveled frequently with her parents, Veralex and Greg Roda. Her family crisscrossed the world and moved more than eight times, including living in Singapore for four years, before finding a home in Broomfield, Colorado.

Author Chanthy Na | Publish Date May 10, 2021
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Study Led by CU Faculty Proposes New Recommendations for Staging of Accidental Hypothermia

Patients facing accidental hypothermia in both wilderness and urban environments need quick and critical assessments to determine treatment of care.

Author Chanthy Na | Publish Date March 25, 2021
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CU Section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Reaches Five-Year Mark for Providing Care in Greenland

Five years ago, the Section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine (WEM) at the University of Colorado School of Medicine journeyed to Greenland to provide health care services for researchers at the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Summit Station.

Author Chanthy Na | Publish Date February 19, 2021
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Turning a Program Requirement into an Impactful Community Project

This summer, many parents scrambled as summer camps for their children were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Desperate parents were searching for safe activities that could engage their children after a spring of remote learning and lockdown at home.

Author Chanthy Na | Publish Date September 23, 2020
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After what scientists learned from COVID vaccines, a look at the future of mRNA technology

news outlet9News
Publish DateJune 02, 2021

Researchers believe mRNA technology, which was used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, could permanently change the way vaccines are developed. 

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The Denver Post

Todd Saliman, CU’s chief financial officer, named interim university president

news outletThe Denver Post
Publish DateJune 01, 2021

Todd Saliman, the University of Colorado’s chief financial officer, was named interim president of the four-campus, multibillion-dollar CU system Tuesday ahead of the looming departure of President Mark Kennedy.

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Eat This, Not That!

What Happens To Your Heart When You Drink Coffee

news outletEat This, Not That!
Publish DateJune 01, 2021

This may be music to your sleep-deprived ears: new research convincingly shows that, for most people, enjoying coffee on a regular basis may actually be good for your heart.

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Novel rRNA Assay Pinpoints Drugs That Shorten Time to TB Cure

news outletMedscape
Publish DateJune 01, 2021

A novel, non-culture-based assay called the ribosomal RNA synthesis (RS) ratio provides a molecular metric to assess the effects of candidate tuberculosis (TB) drugs, potentially accelerating the development of treatments that can cure TB faster, researchers say.

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