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Congratulations Spring & Fall 2020 CU Nursing Graduates!

We celebrate with you!

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Twenty-twenty will be remembered for many years to come as a unique time. We know it’s been challenging, but you have much to be proud of, and CU College of Nursing wants to celebrate with you. 

While we forgo the playing of Pomp & Circumstance and adhere to social distance requirements because of Covid-19, let us take a moment to shine a spotlight on you and share stories about some of your classmates.  We know it is not even possible to highlight all of the amazing things that you and the Class of 2020 have done, but this is a time to showcase you.


Student Stories

Discover how a UCAN student responds to and faces down natural disasters with Team Rubicon and how an accountant became a nurse. Learn how one student in the Accelerated Bachelor’s program spent her undergrad years cuddling babies in the NICU on Friday nights and how a DNP candidate has juggled family, teaching, studying and being on call for patients. And, find out how a PhD candidate fights compassion without fatigue while raising a family, working full-time, and fostering more than 30 children. These stories will inspire you.

Winter Graduate Stories



Spring Graduate Stories



CU College of Nursing Hooding Ceremony

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You Are a CU Nurse!

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We applaud your accomplishments and wish you the best in your future career as a CU Nurse. Stay in touch with the CU Nursing by following us online, signing up for our newsletter and being active as an alumni. Congratulations again from the Faculty and Staff at the College of Nursing.




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