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Stories of the year

A Year Like No Other: Most-Read CU Anschutz Stories of 2020

Here’s a look back at the most popular stories in the CU Anschutz Newsroom in this pivotal year

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Written by Staff on December 15, 2020
What You Need To Know

Take a look back at what made the biggest news in this challenging, yet scientifically invigorating, year. Reflect on some of the ways the CU Anschutz Medical Campus responded and innovated amid the global pandemic.

It’s safe to say that 2020, rife with the disruptions, challenges and uncertainties that a global pandemic brings, has been a pivotal year. With SARS-CoV-2 vaccines rolling out, and the promise of a healthier and brighter 2021, science has vaulted in preeminence worldwide.

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus was at the center of research and patient care, including as a site for the Moderna vaccine clinical trials. It was a year bursting with news about how the entire CU Anschutz community rallied to make a difference in the crisis.

Several non-COVID stories also broke through our top 10, so be sure to check out how our campus makes a global impact in a breadth of ways.

Here’s a look back at the most-read stories posted in the CU Anschutz Newsroom in 2020.

No. 10


CU Anschutz Researcher Offers New Theory on ‘Venus’ Figurines

Investigators say humanity’s oldest sculptures may be linked to climate change, diet


No. 9


Coronavirus in February:

Expert Notes ‘Reasonable Probability There Are More U.S. Cases Than We Are Actually Catching’

Public health expert Glen Mays provides steps for preparedness at work and home


No. 8


Coronavirus in March:

‘Right Now, We’re Just Trying to Buy Time’

Hand washing, social distancing and keeping grandparents safe


No. 7


Coronavirus in March:

FAQs with Michelle Barron, MD

Will warm weather stop the virus? How long does it live on surfaces?


No. 6


Coronavirus in October:

In Grief, Family Has a Message: Take COVID-19 Seriously

At the six-month anniversary of their son’s passing, CU Anschutz police officer and his wife warn: ‘Follow the precautions ... In death, Cody’s saving a lot of lives’


No. 5


Coronavirus in April:

Clinical Trial for Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19 Opens at CU Anschutz

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment may reduce dangerous lung inflammation


No. 4


Researchers Overturn Hypothesis Underlying the Sensitivity of Mammalian Auditory System

Correcting this hypothesis is important for understanding how our ears amplify and process sound 


No. 3


Grant to Help CU Anschutz Researcher Learn Why Equine Therapy Benefits Autistic Children

Looking for physiological reasons to explain reductions in irritability and hyperactivity


No. 2


Coronavirus in July:

Liquid Chalk Proven in CU Labs to Kill Virus, Potentially Helping Climbing Gyms to Safely Reopen

Team of CU Anschutz researchers, climbers themselves, grab hold of effort to help company get people back on walls


No. 1


Lactate May Prompt Cancer Formation, CU Anschutz Study Shows

The byproduct of glucose may be catalyst that turns mutated cells to cancer