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Patient Care COVID-19 Vaccinations

Series Looks at the Vaccine Rollout Offering the World a Hint of Hope

CU Anschutz experts answer questions at the top of society’s collective mind

Author Debra Melani | Publish Date February 18, 2021
What You Need To Know

From safety and racial barriers to dosage differences and virus variants, concerns about vaccines swirl in tandem with hopes for an end to the pandemic. Our Vaccine Series leverages CU Anschutz experts to address the next chapter of the health crisis.

At a time when life before COVID-19 seems like a dream, a vaccine rollout garnering the world’s attention offers a glimpse of hope for a return to pre-pandemic life. But, as with everything SARS-CoV-2-related, questions and uncertainties remain.

In response, CU Anschutz Today will tackle the issues as they arise throughout this next chapter of the pandemic. We will tap our top scholars and researchers and keep you apprised of the progress and setbacks during the historic campaign that lies ahead.

From the science behind the arsenal of vaccines created in response to the virus to the concerns about safety and racial barriers, we’ll leverage our educators to answer these questions related to a problem that affects everyone.

As one of our experts, Anuj Mehta, MD, put it: “We all want to travel. We all want to see loved ones. And I think we’re close. But we still need to be careful until the science catches up to tell us we can all go back to doing the things that we all really want to do.”

The series so far:

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