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Community    Awareness

Continuing a University of Colorado Legacy of Inclusion

Shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Japanese-American nursing students up and down the West Coast found themselves ejected from colleges and packed off to bleak internment camps in the interior of the country.

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Kuwaiti Grad Finds Creativity in Dentistry

When Mohammad Alshemali witnessed a near-fatal accident as a teen in Kuwait, his decision to work in the healthcare field was solidified. He was playing soccer with his family, and his cousin ran into the road after a ball and was hit by a car.

Author Kiley Kudrna | Publish Date
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Public Health    Vaccinations    Basic Research

Evidence Suggests Bubonic Plague Had Long-Term Effect on Immunity Genes

Scientists examining the remains of 36 bubonic plague victims from a 16th century mass grave in Germany have found the first evidence that evolutionary adaptive processes, driven by the disease, may have conferred immunity on later generations from the region.

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Research    Press Releases

Researchers Announce New Discovery to Evaluate Tuberculosis Treatments

A new study published in Nature Communications provides an important new basis for comparing the effectiveness of different tuberculosis treatments.

Author Julia Milzer | Publish Date
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